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Protect your company and your customers' sensitive information with cyber security coverage.


Cyber liability insurance should be a priority if you or your business handles sensitive information under the legal obligation of privacy. While cyber coverage implies online incidents exclusively, it has a much broader coverage base. From online and social media environments to digital, and paper communications, cyber liability paints with a broad brush.


Cyber Liability Coverages

As with most insurance, there are various levels and types of cyber coverage available. That is why it is important for you to speak with the professionals at Norgaard Agency so our team may identify and address your specific needs and risks.

Think You Are Already Covered?

Think again. Only in limited instances are privacy breaches covered under General Liability or other policies. Big or small, every business is at risk and should be adequately prepared in the event of a breach. In an ongoing trend, many businesses request proof of this coverage prior to business dealings.


The risks of not having proper cyber liability coverage far outweigh the costs. A breach - especially for a small business could result in astronomical time, legal, and monetary expenses. Call Norgaard Agency today to ensure you are taking the correct measures to safeguard yourself, your clients, and your livelihood.


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